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South 리니지m 공식사이트 main anti-establishment newspaper, the Hankyoreh, began publication in May 1988. Its founders argued that in the past the country’s news media had been too easily co-opted by the government, and sought to give the public access to independent, hard-hitting journalism.

Is media free in South Korea?

The Chun government imposed more thorough control and surveillance on the press after coming to power in the late 1980s. It consolidated all independent news agencies into a state-run operation, closed moderate newspapers, banned provincial newspaper offices, and censored radio and television programs.

In April, North Korea tested a multi-warhead rocket that landed in the ocean after launch. Analysts say it’s part of a series of high-tech weapons Kim Jong Un has vowed to introduce to counter what the country calls escalating U.S. threats.

A webcam has been installed at a popular spot in the heart of Seoul, where crowds gather to watch the sun rise over the city’s landmark Gwanghwamun Square. It’s the first time such a live stream has been offered from an observation platform at the site.

Samsung is doubling down on artificial intelligence as the tech giant looks to catch up with its global rivals. Its Galaxy S10 phones use a special software to make the cameras more intelligent. The company also has a new service that helps users find nearby restaurants and stores. Plus, the heaviest rain in eight decades is hitting parts of the country.

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